About Me

Hello! Fancy seeing you here. Welcome to my corner of the vast, strange, hilarious and worrying expanse that is the World Wide Web. 

My name's Helen, as you have probably figured out from the enormous header above this post. I'm a 22 year old, English graduate (studied at the University of Kent) but originally hail from the land of Essex, fairly near to where the TOWIE lot live. I am currently job hunting. When I say 'job hunting' what I mean is 'big-person' job hunting. I actually have two part time jobs, one as a Sales Assistant in Laura Ashley and the other as Front of House in a theatre.

So basically, Helen Hearts is about me and my struggle to have lovely things on a teenie-weenie budget. You'll find that my posts are often about charity shop hauls, ebay purchases, competition wins and sale bargains (maybe with the odd Topshop purchase thrown in... but only if I REALLY can't live without it!) but really 'Helen Hearts' is just about anything and everything that I love. I like sharing anything that I 'heart' and I hope you will 'heart' it too!

Hope that gives you a little insight into me, feel free to drop me an email if you have any other burning questions.


  1. I came across your blog a couple of days ago and I love it! You have some really interesting posts :)

    Paige x