Sunday, 1 June 2014

Snupps: the perfect app for the intensely disorganised

I am a working girl.

Oh hang on, that doesn’t mean what I think it means does it? What I mean by that is that I am now with job. Like, proper job. Commuting, London, City-type job. Yeah... I KNOW.

There is only one issue that comes with me and having a proper job and that is that I am not an adult. I struggle to remember to feed myself in the morning so remembering what I’m going to need for the day ahead is a task in itself. To give you an idea of just how scatty I am, during my first week as a city girl, I managed to walk off and leave my purse on the train, complete with a weeks worth of train tickets, my house keys, debit cards, ID. Facepalm.
So what can be done about this? Well in an effort to make myself into a functional human being I have recently been playing with a new app called 'Snupps' that allows you to keep track of all your possessions in one place. A god send for someone like me who doesn't go a day without leaving something essential at home.

The basic idea is that you can create 'shelves' that hold all your stuff. You take a picture of the item you want to put on your shelf and write down all the details you have about it: warranty details, how much it was, what's inside it etc and then if you ever (god forbid) lose it or break it you've got all the details about it stored on the Snupps app!

So here's a little look at one of my shelves 'Shiz I need for work' I tend to leave at least one of these items at home every day so looking at this list before I depart is going to become part of my daily routine.

This shelf has been made private so that only I can see it but if you want to share your cool collections with other users you can make your shelf public so that other snuppers can admire what you own! I've done this with some of my nail polish collections. 

I'm really loving my nail polish shelf at the moment because it means I can just scoot through what colours I've got on the app and decide what colour I'm going to go for without getting them all out and going through them individually. Bore. 

I WISH that Chanel Bags shelf was mine. I've been lusting over it for days... one day I will have my own designer bag shelf. Just you watch.

Are you going to be trying out Snupps? I'd really recommend it if you want to get organised or have a nosy to see what other people are collecting.

Go to Snupps for more information on downloading the app.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014


RUN FOR THE HILLS. OR, if you'd prefer, your nearest Boots store. 

It's that time of year again, folks. That's right! It's the Boots, Mega-fantastic-super-duper-very-very-good-and-very-very-cheap 70% off sale! Okay, so it's not quite as bargalicious (new word) as previous years when it was 75% off all the left over Christmas gift sets but it's still PRETTY DAMN GOOD.

And, me being the savvy (or intensely tragic - you decide) person I am, I headed down to not one but TWO of my local Boots stores to experience the chaos. In fairness, one of them was just a little pharmacy that was up the top of my road, so that doesn't really count. Ahem.

The other store I went to was in Lakeside and was basically a free for all. People were swinging from the rafters, scratching at each others eyes out and playing 'human bowling' with shopping trolleys all in the name of bargain bubble bath and an apron bearing Gino D'Campo's face.

I really wish I'd taken pictures of the store as I've never seen anything like it in my 22 years upon this planet.

Anyway, here's what you came here for... pictures of my bargains:

1. James Brown Seductive Shine Hair Set - Was £15, Now £4.50

Included in this set are a high shine shampoo and conditioner and hair mask. I've been looking for some decent good shampoo to take to the gym with me so I couldn't pass this up. It was also the last one in the shop so that probably played some part psychologically in this purchase...

2. No 7 Total Colour Compact - Was £16, Now £4.80

This is the first on two No 7 products I picked up. I really love No 7 for skincare and nail polish but I've never really tried their make up so this was the perfect opportunity to do so.

3. Jenny Packham Compact Mirror - Was £10, Now £3

This is a crystal-clear mirror, it is normal on one side and x2 on the other and comes in a lovely little pounch. Couldn't say no.

4. No 7 The Skincare Collection - Was £16, Now £4.80

Really excited about this little lot. I really think No 7 skincare is amongst the best and there's a few bits in here that I've never tried.

5. Soap and Glory Girl-O-Whirl Cosmetics Kit - Was £40, Now £12

I've wanted to try out Soap and Glory's make up for ages now but have never got round to purchasing it. This set includes Thick and Fast Mascara, Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick as well as loads of eye shadows, lip glosses and bronzers. It also comes in a really cute case that I can use for my Ipad too!

Originally this would have come to £97 but in total I paid just £29.10! What a barg, eh?

So what do you think of my sale haul? Have you been to the Boots sale? If you've written a post about it leave me your link as I'd LOVE to see!