Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Giving a little extra...

Isn't it just lovely when you get the opportunity to treat someone who really deserves it?

And no one deserves it more than my daddy, he really is the glue that holds our family together, he does everything for everyone which includes taxiing me around to my jobs (shamefully, I still can't drive), being house handyman and cook, all whilst working 7-6 every day. There's no one more hard working than my Dad and I'm so proud and love him so much.

Earlier this month I received a lovely email from the people at Halifax asking whether I'd like to partake in a Christmassy event in which they gave £50 to bloggers to buy a present for someone who deserves it, I snapped up the opportunity to do so!

So when £50 of Amazon vouchers landed on my doorstep, I quickly got to thinking what would he like. After some guidance from my Mum, I decided on this 3D DVD player. We've had a 3D TV for quite a while now but we've had no way of using the 3D capabilities as we don't own a DVD player or have sky. What a waste, eh? NOT ANY MORE!

As a family we don't really "do" the present side of Christmas - we love the food, the games and general festivities but present buying can really spiral out of control so we just get each other small bits and bobs (I got shower caps and pocket tissues this year - SCORE!) So when I left the big wrapped, nameless box under the Christmas tree everyone was wondering who it was for. My Dad's face when I said it was for him was a picture!

Here he is trying out his new toy:

A big thank you to Halifax for inviting me to take part and making his Christmas - and mine - EXTRA special.

Do you give a lot for Christmas? Don't you just think giving is so much better than receiving?