Friday, 15 November 2013

The Christmas Party Dress Dilemma


How have you been this fine week? I've been just fine and dandy, thank you for asking. I have had a serious case of dress dilemma today though as it's my work Christmas 'do' coming up in about 2 weeks.
At the time of writing, it is 38 DAYS until the big day itself which means 'HOORAY' if you're a Xmas lover but a big slap around the chops if you can't stand it, like me. The thing is, I probably wouldn't hate it if I didn't work in a shop but Laura Ashley have had their Christmas stock(ing) out since the beginning of October so, for me, Christmas lasts about a 1/4 of a year and it just feels like a whole lot of build up to a day in which I will put on a stone and have my heart broken by Julian Fellowes (WHY COUSIN MATTHEW, JULIAN? WHYYYYYY?) Hashtag still bitter.

ANY WHO, one thing I do look forward to is the Christmas party... mainly for the food as opposed to the whole 'socialising' thing but potato/potato, right? (Yes, I realise that doesn't work quite as well when you're reading it from a computer screen) 
So, I've been looking for the perfect dress for the last week or so and had narrowed it down to these four beauties:

I had to rule out the red Lydia Bright dress because I think the shape of that dress would make me look like a tent, unfortunately. In the end I went for the first dress by Chi Chi clothing and I have to say my decision was ultimately swayed after seeing Charlotte Clothier donning it. I LOVE the way she's styled it and I think it's just enough gold and glam enough for Crimbo. 

I've got my heels picked out but I'm not sure what jewellery to go with yet or what to wear over it. Any suggestions?


P.S. Anyone else LOVING Lily Allen's new single? It's not subtle, in fact it's a big ol' slap in the face of a video but it is AMAZING... and so catchy! It's hard out here for a bitch.


  1. I love no 2! It's gorge xxx

  2. A M A Z I N G BLOG! & Love This outfit!!
    Keep it up! i love reading it!
    follow my new blog back, let me know what you think! x

  3. aw didn't realise you had linked me, the dress is so beautiful isn't it! :)
    Hope you had a good time!

    Lots of love

    Charlotte x