Friday, 5 April 2013

Dressing Room Dilemmas...

I am a person incapable of spending large amounts of money on a single shopping trip. I just end up with buyer's remorse and think about how awful a person I am and should have been saving that money. In fact, I don't really need to tell myself that because, more often than not, my Mum will do it for me. But that didn't stop me going on a little spending spree today. 

I started off in H&M where I absolutely fell in love with this gorgeous maxi dress. The fabric was so floaty and beautiful and it had knee-high slits in the leg which just completed it for me. At £29.99 it wasn't overly expensive either which sealed the deal. Obviously it's completely weather-inappropriate at the moment but I can see myself living in it over summer.
The next outfit was also in H&M, I bought a lovely black slouchy jumper for £14.99 and these boho trousers which were £12.99. You might remember the trousers from my entry into the Passion for Fashion 2 competition - I was delighted to find they looked equally as dreamy on as they do on the website.

And there we go £57.99 spent. Job done. No more spending for me for another month at least.
Except that's not exactly how in panned out...

I then made the bad choice of popping into River Island to see what they had in their sale but the first item that caught my eye was not in the sale. Damn. This pretty red smock dress was £25 and as soon as I put it on, that was pretty much it for my bank balance. The same can be said for the aztec biker jacket I found which was reduced from £65 to £30. It was the last one in the store as well and there was a woman next to me eyeing it up who looked so annoyed when I took it up to the till. Yeah, I felt a bit smug.

That, however, took my total spendage to £112.99, which sent me into full-on panic mode. I ended up taking back ALL the items I'd bought in H&M and just sticking with the River Island lot. There's a horrible empty hole in my life now where that maxi dress should have been...

Here's a closer look at the product shots (not the maxi dress though as H&M haven't got it online yet, sob)

Which do you like best? I'm thinking about going back and swapping again actually! Oh gosh... WHAT DO I DO? 

Does anyone else feel buyer's remorse on the same scale as me or am I just a weirdo freak?


  1. That coat is gorgeous, not surprised you got the last one! xx

    Just to let you know I've tagged you in the procrastinating beauty blogger's tag!
    You can find the post here if you fancy giving it a go...

  2. Oh my gosh, I so would have bought everything you didn't buy. I can't believe you're just sitting there not returning stuff. Gosh, Helen...



  3. really like that jacket, looks pretty;)X