Saturday, 9 March 2013

An Ebay Bargain...

So I'm not the best person at taking OOTD photos but I just wanted to show to this amazing blouse that I bought from Ebay for £5 the other day. It's originally from Monki, which is a sister store of H&M I believe. When I saw it on their website it had sold out to my great despair because I fell in love with it there and then. 
So for a couple of months now I've been trawling Ebay, hoping it would pop up and I found it last week. It's a size small which I thought wouldn't fit me but it's well oversized so fits me perfectly, luckily!

I'm going to try and take some better OOTD photos but I'm just useless, has anyone got any tips for getting good photos? I think I should probably invest in a tripod but I'm not sure whether I could find a quality one at a good price that will hold the weight of my DSLR. Any ideas?


  1. Oh Helen, you are just too cute. I'm so happy you were able to get your hands on this lovely blouse... & it fits you perfectly!! As far as OOTD photos, I highly recommend a tripod and a remote :) Definitely worth it. It makes it so much easier! Until then, you can always set your camera on something and use the timer. Just a thought. Have a beautiful day!

    PS. Your wallpaper is so pretty!


  2. Your wall paper is absolutley gorgeous :) So so pretty! xxx

  3. The blouse looks great on you!

    Depending on where you want to take your photos, walls, shelves and also books make a great tripod replacement! It's what I do if I don't have mine with me xD
    Remotes are great though - you can get them cheaply on ebay!