Thursday, 28 March 2013

Spring wishes...

Bag - Radley | Sunglasses - Topshop | Dress - French Connection | Shoes - Miss Selfridge | Necklace - New Look
Last week I bought a coat. A proper woolly winter coat. This is unheard of. Usually, by early March, I am on the high street browsing lovely spring collections and buying the prettiest, most sickeningly-floral, weather-inappropriate dress I can find and wearing it out at the first sign of blue sky and daffodils.
But, in case you hadn't noticed, the weather's been slightly... er... 'off' (for want of a better word). So, for now, I'm having to satisfy my need for pretty floral dresses and bright accessories with some serious Spring window shopping. 

First off, what a dress. I LOVE the elegant 60s style (which may or may not be something to do with my slight obsession with Mad Men and, more specifically, Betty Draper) and the subtle, fresh lily print makes a lovely change from the usual ditsy prints you see in Spring.

How amazing is the gorgeous green Radley city bag? There's a lot of neon accessories around at the moment but, personally, neon just doesn't do it for me. I love this slightly softer shade of meadow green, it's still fresh and bright but doesn't overpower the dress - it's a colour that'll see me through all of spring and summer easily! I'm also eyeing up Radley's purses at the moment - I want the dog in a teacup purse... it's a freakin' dog in a freakin' teacup. 

Okay, weather. You've made your point now. I know, we humans are idiots who are polluting your beautiful world with greenhouse gases and killing polar bears with our factories and all... but this is getting beyond ridiculous. Please let this cold-shoulder thing you have going on blow over. I wants to get my floral on. KTHXBAI.

Saturday, 16 March 2013


As you may or may not be aware, Google recently announced that Google Reader would no longer be 'a thing' as of July 2013. Consequently, it will be rapidly moved to the graveyard of the Internet and laid to rest alongside Myspace and Ask Jeeves and never spoken of again, whilst Google put more time and money into trying to make Google+ happen ('s not going to happen). 

Now this may mean very little to you, as it does to me (I have never in my life used Google reader... as far as I'm aware) but it has sent panic through the entire blogosphere as some bloggers are worried that the end of Google Reader also spells the end of Google Friend Connect (Also known as GFC, which many people use to 'follow' their favourite blogs) although there has been no announcement of this from Google as of yet.

Now, despite the fact that no one really knows what on earth is going on, I have decided to jump aboard the bandwagon and have thus migrated to bloglovin', as this seems to be a wise precaution unless I want to risk no longer receiving updates from my favourite bloggers.

I'd urge you to do the same if you haven't yet joined bloglovin' as, aside from the uncertainty of GFC's future, Bloglovin is really easy to use AND you can directly import the blogs you follow straight from Google to Bloglovin at the click of one button! 

To follow me on bloglovin simply click here:

Follow on Bloglovin

I have imported all the blogs I follow from GFC but, if for any reason it's missed you off, PLEASE leave your blog link in the comments.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013


If you're a regular visitor to my blog then you probably know that I'm a SUCKER for a good styling competition. It just gives me an excuse to browse beautiful clothes and dream of outfits I won't be able to afford and when I saw that Money Supermarket had launched their 'Passion for Fashion 2' competition, I just HAD to enter. The competition challenges bloggers to create three outfits (one party, one holiday and one casual) for under £200 each. So last night I spent a couple of hours scouring various websites to create my three looks and here are the results!

Topshop Dress - £60 | Miss Selfridge Headband - £16.50 | Topshop Jacket - £40 | H&M Heels - £29.99 | Accessorize Clutch - £35 | Topshop Socks - £3.50
So I might have been in full-on GIRL mode when I created this outfit. It's pretty much an outfit that pukes up bows, flowers, glitter, frills, lace, candy colours and all things feminine... but oh my god I love it and besides, what's wrong with wanting to feel girly and feminine on a night out? The clutch was the first item I found and I immediately began to base my outfit around the pretty mint and pink tones. This outfit is just so perfect for springtime parties; light-hearted, fresh and flowery!

At the other end of the scale, I created this altogether more 'boyish' casual outfit and it's inspired by a mixture of country and boho styles. I loved the ombre effect on the lightweight trousers and imagine this outfit worn with dip dyed, tousled hair.  How incredible are those Carvela wedges? When I see shoes like that it makes me wish I could walk in heels without looking like a six-foot giant with a limp.

River Island Dress - £40 | Topshop Jacket - £62 | H&M Rucksack - £14.99 | New Look Sandals - £34.99 | River Island Sunglasses £13
For my holiday outfit I wanted to keep it looking chic but also make it practical and comfortable for hot weather so I chose a lightweight maxi dress with an equally flow-y cover up for the cooler summer evenings. For me, fringing always reminds me of sunshine, festivals and summer so I had to feature the fringe in this outfit. Teamed with some stylish yet practical sandals from New Look and oversized sunnies I think this is my dream summer outfit!

So those are my looks, what do you think? There's been some great entries from other bloggers for the Passion for Fashion 2 competition so if you want to check those out just follow the hashtag #passionforfashion2 on Twitter.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

An Ebay Bargain...

So I'm not the best person at taking OOTD photos but I just wanted to show to this amazing blouse that I bought from Ebay for £5 the other day. It's originally from Monki, which is a sister store of H&M I believe. When I saw it on their website it had sold out to my great despair because I fell in love with it there and then. 
So for a couple of months now I've been trawling Ebay, hoping it would pop up and I found it last week. It's a size small which I thought wouldn't fit me but it's well oversized so fits me perfectly, luckily!

I'm going to try and take some better OOTD photos but I'm just useless, has anyone got any tips for getting good photos? I think I should probably invest in a tripod but I'm not sure whether I could find a quality one at a good price that will hold the weight of my DSLR. Any ideas?

Friday, 1 March 2013

My "Michael Kors" *cough*

I can guess your reaction when you saw these pictures. Probably something along the lines of "Oooh a Michael Kors! Shiny." or "That's quite a nice watch." or "That looks expensive." or simply, "Meh." But it probably wasn't "That's quite clearly a fake and she should rot in prison". Well I got news for ya, sistaz: this is a fake and I should almost definitely rot in prison. I've had this watch for a few weeks now and when I first bought it I sort of made a pact with myself to just pretend it was the real deal by not correcting people should they mention it. There's only one problem with this: I am an awful liar. The first time someone commented on it the conversation pretty much went like this:

"Wow I love your watch, is it a Michael Kors?"
"Awww thanks! Yeah... technically it's a Michael Kors... *awkward long pause* ...but it's a fake."

And just like that, my cover was blown. I am now the girl who buys fake goods and then tells everybody they're fake. Yesterday, at work, a similar conversation arose with two of my colleagues and I was surprised by their differing reactions. The conversation again went a little like this:

Girl 1: "Ohhh nice watch is it a Marc Jacobs or a Michael Kors?"
Me: "Thanks but it's a fake... I bought it off Ebay."
Girl 2: "Oh wow! It looks like the real deal, I'd never have guessed."
Girl 1 (with a disgusted look): "Did you know it was a fake?"

Well, yes. Yes I did. I bought the watch off Ebay and whilst it wasn't listed as "fake" but instead said "branded as Michael Kors", what other conclusion can you come to when a hugely popular watch that retails at £250 is on sale for £20?

Personally, I have conflicting views on fake products. I mean, I'd never sport a fake Chanel bag... or any fake handbag for that matter. In my opinion fake handbags are easy to spot and rather than creating an 'expensive' look they cheapen an outfit. But when it comes to 'good' fakes, I sort of don't see a problem. Yesterday Casio digital watches were in... today, Michael Kors is in fashion... tomorrow it could be any number of expensive designers. What's the point in paying £200+ a pop to wear a watch that's going to be out of fashion in a matter or months when you could pay 10% of that and still be "in fashion" with a replica with no one any the wiser?

What's your opinion on 'replica' products? Would you wear a good quality replica, like me, to save money or would you never buy a fake, no matter the cost? I'd genuinely love to know your opinion.