Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Emotions and Competitions...

Since this is my 'blog' and by definition blogs are supposed to be personal I'm going to talk about something personal. I've been feeling like absolute C-R-A-P recently. I must be an absolute pain in the butt hole to be around because I've just been feeling so down in the dumps and grumpy recently, so thanks to my friends for putting up with me.

My mood is completely affected by the weather. I always feel SO depressed when it's grey and wet outside and don't feel like leaving the house, I can't believe it affects me as much as it does but I've noticed it for quite a few years now. These feelings have just been heightened by the fact that I've been feeling a complete lack of purpose since finishing university and struggling to get anywhere with 'big person' job applications. I've also just got too much time to overthink things and send myself into a panicked frenzy. So basically this year it's just been worse than ever.

The only thing helping me get through this right now is exciting blogging opportunities and my lovely friends. Especially the most wonderful Emily because I can tell her anything without feeling insane or like she's going to judge me. (Check out her blog; The Cosy Traveller) Not many people actually 'get' me really and she just does. You can't put a price on that.
In any case, I'm REALLY going to try and perk up a bit a look on the bright side of life.

Anyway, I was having one of 'those' days yesterday and feeling sorry for myself after I had a rough day at work and really needed cheering up. To my utter shock and huge delight, when I came home I discovered that I'd received an email from Westfield London to tell me that I'd won the #MYWLDREAMWARDROBE competition!! I literally screamed and ran around like a loon for ages. So I've won a £700 gift card to buy my dream designer bag with at Westfield London. This is me just thinking about it now:

I can't thank Westfield enough for picking me as the winner. I'm completely shocked and am certainly one lucky ducky!

Another exciting project to focus my attention on is Money Supermarket's Blogger Secret Santa! I'll do a more detailed post on this soon enough but it's basically what it says on the tin and I'm trying to home-make the majority of my gifts and that's been keeping me busy and happy.

I've also just noticed that I hit 200 followers today, hooray! A massive thank you to anyone who reads and comments on my posts - It really makes my day when you do. Also, the new lens for my camera came the other day but unfortunately the auto-focus doesn't work so I've had to send it back. I'm not having much luck with cameras recently. Ah well, can't win 'em all!

I'll be back soon hopefully with a working camera lens and less of the crappy depressing feelings.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Wishes, wishes, wishes...

So, I've been a bit quiet on the blogging front recently. This hasn't been intentional but the lens on my camera broke and I feel at a bit of a loss without it! Anyway, I'm eagerly awaiting payday so I can buy a new lens - they're not cheap. I have so many photo-based posts planned too, I've been feeling a bit creative recently and have been doing some lovely nail art designs (if I do say so myself) and making some teacup candles which are so easy to do and make great little gifts. I'm also going to try upcycling some old furniture soon so I'll have to take some pictures to document how that goes!

Anyway, as usual, I'm a bit poor at the moment but that doesn't stop me doing some window shopping. I'm getting bored of my hair, I've wanted it to grow out for a while since having it chopped in the summer, so now it's quite long but I want to just jazz it up a bit. I think I'm going to try Loreal's wild ombre dye this week, just for a little change. Has anyone else tried it? I haven't seen too many reviews as of yet.

How amazing is this Topshop dress? I absolutely love the cut - it's a dream! I love the nipped in waist and the floaty midi skirt which falls beautifully. It's a hefty £95 but if it's in the sale after Christmas (PLEASE, Topshop?) it'll be an instabuy for me as it will easily see me through winter and spring. I'd really like to team it with the YSL Volupte Lipstick in Forbidden Burgundy to create a bit of a vampy look. I've been meaning to get a deep red lipstick for a while but can't quite find the right shade - this looks perfect!

I don't like to spend lots of money on hugely expensive clothes, £40 is about my limit (even then it's with hesitation) purely because it's likely that I'll get bored of them in a week or two and then I'll be out buying the next thing. But if there's one item I'm willing to invest in, it's shoes. Most cheap shoes absolutely rip my feet to shreds - I bought some studded ankle boots in Primark, walked about 20 metres out the door in them then turned back because I could feel blisters forming. As it goes, Clarks aren't renowned for having the most stylish shoes on the street but they're certainly the most comfortable and that's SO important for me. I really LOVE these black ankle boots, they're really chic and not too high and look great quality. They're a really reasonable £74.99 too!

BE KIND TO YOUR FEET, PEOPLE. Nothing is worth ending up with bunions like Victoria Beckham. 

Have you got anything on my wishlist? How is it? What's on yours at the moment?

Thursday, 8 November 2012


I spend my life dreaming of designer clothes.
I'd really like to live my life walking around an enchanted forest wearing a Valentino gown, under the illusion that I'm a fairy in A Midsummer Night's Dream. More specifically this Valentino gown:


In reality, I actually just wander around high street stores/charity shops without my glasses on, holding up dresses and deluding myself by thinking "If I squint really hard, it sort of looks like it could be from Valentino." When the (literally) ugly truth of the situation is no, it does not and will not ever compare to designer... no matter how hard I squint. 

So when the lovely people at Westfield London emailed me to let me know about a competition they were running to win your dream designer handbag I was on it like a car bonnet, if you'll excuse the turn of phrase.

Here's the dealio: You choose your favourite designer handbag and create a Pinterest Board of your dream wardrobe to go with that bag which makes up your Westfield London Dream Wardrobe or #MyWLDreamWardrobe. I've had my dream handbag picked out for a while now so there was only one choice for me: the Miu Miu studded shoulder bag. 


Next it was a matter of browsing pieces by designers from The Village to go with the bag and creating a board of my dream wardrobe.
Here's a little peak at what I came up with, click it to view the whole board:

I basically wanted my wardrobe to encompass the qualities of the bag: ladylike but with an edge. The whole wardrobe is based on autumnal colours as the bag comes in a rich, deep red. The design of the bag itself is actually quite simple and elegant, so I've tried to reflect this in my wardrobe by using elegant baroque prints and classic cuts. This is then contrasted with black leathers to create the rock edge which appears on the bag in the form of the studding. 

You can see why I chose each piece in my wardrobe over at my pinterest board:

Here's one of my favourite outfits from the whole board:

Oh you just don't get designs like these on the high street *sob*

I love the contrast between the beautiful, elegant print of the Miu Miu blouse with the ruggedness of the leather skirt by Burberry - It's edgy elegance.

What do you think of my pinterest board? If you could win your dream handbag, what would it be?