Saturday, 15 September 2012

OOTD: A bootsale bargain!


Today's outfit post features a vintage pinafore dress that I got at the bootsale a couple of weeks ago for a mere £1! I loved the sailor style of it, it has the cute square 'hood' at the back ( that what I should call it?) The lady selling it has raised the hem a bit, so it might be a little too short on me but I love it all the same and couldn't pass it up for one measly quid!

See what I mean about the square 'hood' bit?!?
What do you think of my bargain? I'm pretty pleased with it, even if it is too short.


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    1. Ha ha! I think the fact that I'm bending over makes it appear slightly longer. Maybe once I lose some weight I'll be able to pull it off :D xx

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    1. Dawww thanks Vikki! I owe it all to you really, I'd never have thought to go to bootsales if you hadn't posted about it! xx