Thursday, 20 September 2012

What I actually bought with my House of Fraser voucher

Hello all!

Thank you to those who took the time to vote on the poll in the last post, the overwhelming majority of you thought I should go with the first outfit (which was my favourite it the end too!) so off I went to spend my voucher only to find that the skirt had gone out of stock in my size online. Nooooooooooooo. 

Yesterday I had to be in London for a couple of interviews for some potential internships so, whilst I was there, I decided to pop into House of Fraser to see whether I could find the skirt in store. To cut a short story even shorter... I couldn't. 

BUT I did find something else to spend my voucher on...

I know some of you might think it's a bit ugly but oh my god, I love it I love it I love it.

It's from a brand in House of Fraser called 'Therapy' and cost me £42 (except, of course, it didn't because I had my £50 voucher)

House of Fraser - £42
I absolutely adore both the print and the cream and burgundy colours. If you can recall, my entry into the HoF competition has that same colour scheme so I think this was really meant to be!

And, if I actually found out that it was in stock, would I swap the dress for the skirt? Why, NEIGHHHH. (Ha ha, geddit? Like a horse...)

What do you think of my dress? Love it or hate it? I really think it's a marmite dress.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

HELP! What shall I buy?

Calling all stylish people... I need your help!

I was recently named a runner-up in the House of Fraser styling competition and won a £50 voucher to spend - HOORAY! As I'm strapped for cash I'm determined to make that voucher go as far as possible, so I spent all last night scouring the House of Fraser website to make me some great outfits as close to the £50 mark as possible. 

The only problem now is that I'm spoilt for choice and don't know what I should go with. I need more lovely skirts in my life so I'm swaying towards one of the first two but I've also got the opportunity to try some staple beauty products for free which I'm REALLY tempted by. 

Please take a look at the outfit combinations and vote at the end because I'm so torn!

Combination 1: It's the faux leather skirt that really does it for me here. I absolutely LOVE this cut at the moment. Not overly sure about the fedora as I don't know whether hats suit me really but I thought I'd give it a go.
Combination 2: I absolutely ADORE this BIBA skirt. It's really something I could see me wearing but I'm not sure whether this combo is too summery? Could it see me through the colder months?
Combination 3: I love this Oasis floral blouse but I'm not so sure what I'd wear with it... I don't wear jeans and none of my skirts would look right with it. Any suggestions?

Combination 4: I've wanted to try the Naked palette for AGES but never been able to afford it before. 

So, what combo do you think I should buy? It'd REALLY help me out if you'd place a vote. 

Or maybe I should get both of the skirts from the first 2 outfits... OH, I DON'T KNOW!

OOTD: A bootsale bargain!


Today's outfit post features a vintage pinafore dress that I got at the bootsale a couple of weeks ago for a mere £1! I loved the sailor style of it, it has the cute square 'hood' at the back ( that what I should call it?) The lady selling it has raised the hem a bit, so it might be a little too short on me but I love it all the same and couldn't pass it up for one measly quid!

See what I mean about the square 'hood' bit?!?
What do you think of my bargain? I'm pretty pleased with it, even if it is too short.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Project Healthier Helen... with a little help from Jenny Craig!

Now, I've never been one to be overly concerned about their weight. I've always been bigger than average, even since I was small and tend to put that down to genes (My mum and my brother are thin as pins but me and my dad are on the larger side, unforuntately... despite having the same diet!) But since finishing university I've decided that I should make an effort to be healthier. I've graduated now and don't have the constant stream of pressure and essays to use as an excuse, so it's definitely the right time to get started.

I was really inspired by Ella's weight loss blog post and left her a comment about how I wanted to be more healthy but lacked the will power. Later that week, I got an email from the team at Jenny Craig who asked if I'd like to try out their weight loss programme that offers diet food delivered to your home. The email came at the perfect time for me so I snapped up the opportunity and now here I am, a week later about to embark on my first ever PROPER diet and lifestyle change.

On the programme, Jenny Craig provides you with breakfast, lunch and dinner for every day, as well as a few tasty snacks. All you have to do is finish off the meals with a few fresh fruit and veggies. I really think this is going to be perfect for me because what I've lacked in that past is the strict structure that this programme provides. 

Here's some of the meals that I'm most looking forward to trying:

The dinners here are Creamy Coconut Thai Chicken Curry (drool) and Chunky Beef Goulash and Potatoes. Cor, I hope they're as good as they sound!

Here's a little look at the timetable of meals. This is EXACTLY what I'd been hoping for, I really need structure to keep me on the ball.

The Programme also comes with a really helpful information pack which I've learned a lot from already. Whilst I was at uni my bezzie mate, Catherine, told me that you shouldn't eat after 6pm because you put on more weight - not true apparently! In your FACE, Caffytingz. *ahem*

To me, the meals look absolutely delicious! The calorie intake for every day is 1200 which I find completely hard to believe because the programme looks full to the brim with tasty meals. As I write this, I've just started Day 1 of the programme and had Raspberry Porridge for breakfast which was really yummy. If it's all as delicious as this, I can tell I'll have a good two weeks!

I'm hoping to get out and about and be a bit more active alongside the meals. I absolutely HATE running but I'm planning to go power-walking through the woods where I live each day. 

I'll keep you updated on my progress and let you know if I've lost any weight by the end of the two weeks.

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

A little update...

Alright, lovelies?

I've not been the most updatery (new word) of bloggers this past week but I've had a busy week and a lot of work at the theatre recently. Starlight Express is on at the moment and I've gone from 'What the heckins is this shiz about...' to 'ZOMG I LOVE TRAINS' in the space of a week. It's seriously good. If you get the opportunity to see the UK tour, TAKE IT!

Anywhoooooo, aside from that I've had a pretty fun week. Me and my gorgey porgey mate Emily went to watch the athletics at the Paralympics. It was brillz despite the fact neither of us had a clue what was happening half the time and it was lovely to have a catch-up in any case.

On Sunday I had my own little stall at my local carboot sale and managed to make over £100 just from selling old clothes, shoes and bags - what a result! I'd gone the previous week to investigate the time I needed to be there and picked up some lovely bits that I still need to show you (haven't got any decent pics of them yet). It was pretty packed as you'll see from the picture below:

Lastly, I also managed to bag free tickets to see Elbow at the iTunes Festival and took my brother, Richard, along. I've loved their music for ages so I was super excited! I also managed to get my 2 seconds of fame as I made it onto the live stream of the festival during 'One Day Like This' whilst I was singing my heart out...

In other news, I'm by no means a blog designing expert but had a lovely email from Brani Laine over at That's Just Lovely... who liked my layout and said she'd like something similar with hers. I do enjoy a good layout making-sesh so I was happy to help out and here's what I came up with:

Make sure you check out her blog because she's just lovely too!

That's pretty much it from this little update post. See you soon, hopefully with a haul or OOTD.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

My Blog Crushes

Mornin' all.

Today's post actually started out as a question on the Liebster blog award which a couple of lovely blogger girlies very kindly tagged me in. The question was "Who are your favourite bloggers?" and after attempting to answer it briefly, I decided that it was just not possible as the bloggers that I'm going to gush about deserved so much more than a brief sentence.

I follow a lot of blogs - I mean a lot! At least 100, probably closer to 150. Sometimes I think other bloggers frown upon it when you follow "too many" blogs and think you can't possibly read them. This is NOT the case at all! Although I don't read every post on my dashboard, I find that by following many people I can skim through and pick from a great range of subjects being tackled by different people. For me, there is no downside to following a lot of blogs.

Having said that there are a few bloggers whose sites I check daily and NEVER miss a post. Out the 100+ bloggers I follow though, there are only three who I can say this for and those three blogs are going to be the basis of this post.

Blog Crush No. 1: Victoria's Vintage
Image courtesy of Victoria's Vintage
Victoria's Vintage was pretty much the first blog that I ever followed and was one of the blogs that inspired me to begin my own in the first place! I've been following her since 2010 and I've pretty much never missed a post since then. In fact, I actually just went through a load of her old posts trying to find my first comment on her blog... I've decided it's physically impossible though - she has THAT many posts.

I absolutely adore her blog, it just appeals to the girly side of me. I most admire how Vikki's blog has changed and developed, she used to mainly post pretty inspiration pictures which were gorgeous but has gradually made her posts more personal over time and it's been so great to get to know her through her blog.
I think Vikki's blog appeals to me in a way that no other does because her character is quite similar to mine - she absolutely loves a bargain and I'm always astonished by the beautiful things she picks up at boot sales and wins in competitions. 

Side note: She has the most BEAUTIFUL cat too. I want it, I want it, I want it. Ahem.

Image courtesy of Victoria's Vintage
Blog Crush no. 2: Ella Masters

Image courtesy of Ella Masters
Ella's blog has been a firm favourite of mine for quite a while now. I think this is the blog that I follow which has the most heart and soul, so to speak. She's an extraordinary artist and photographer and manages to capture simple moments in such an expressive way. This appreciation of simplicity and beauty seems completely naturally to her, unlike some other blogs where it can feel forced.

Ella also makes the most beautiful jewellery, I actually first found her blog after purchasing a couple of pieces from her shop RubyRaeLove. One particular necklace that I bought from her I never seem to take off and it'll be featuring in one of my OOTDs in the future, I'm sure!
Ella has a great Youtube channel and actually posted an amazing video of what inspires her which I thought was incredible.

Ella, you inspire me! So please keep posting and creating.

Blog Crush no. 3: The Briar Rose Blog

Image courtesy of The Briar Rose Blog
I cannot begin to express my love for The Briar Rose Blog. It is honestly, for me, complete perfection in blog form! Megan is most enchanting blogger I've ever encountered. It's quite difficult to put her whimsical style into words so I'll show you a couple of her photos instead:

Image courtesy of The Briar Rose Blog
Image courtesy of The Briar Rose Blog
So enchanting, right? I want to dye my hair red now, thanks to her!

I haven't been following Megan's blog for too long, a couple of months at the most, but I honestly look forward to every single post of hers and always wonder what she's going to come up with next. 
One reason she's so enthralling because of her beauty - she completely reminds me of Ariel from The Little Mermaid! But she's also incredibly creative with her shoots and this is the quality that I enjoy most about her blog. Megan's also starting a wedding blog soon which I simply cannot wait for!

If you don't already follow these blogs, make sure you check them out. Here's are their links again in case you've missed them so far:

Lastly, a huge thank you to the lovely ladies themselves for allowing me to use their content for this post. 

Who are your favourite bloggers? I'd love to hear if you have any recommendations for me as I LOVE discovering new blogs!

Monday, 3 September 2012

OOTD: Tell me about it, stud...

After some lovely comments on my first outfit of the day (you lot a the COOTEST!) I decided I'd try another one after doing a bit of DIY clothing customisation with some studs that I recently purchased. So here's OOTD number 2!
This skirt is my favourite purchase for quite a while. I saw it in Topshop when it was originally about £45 but couldn't bring myself to part with my hard-earned cash. Then I saw it in the sale about a month later for just £12. It's been my go-to piece for a couple of months now and I absolutely adore it!

I got this blouse at a boot fair on Sunday, having been inspired to attend by Vikki at Victoria's Vintage. BEST. DECISION. EVER. I got some incredible pieces that I'll show you at some point this week and only spent £3. This blouse was brand new with tags (but minus the studs) and cost me just 50p! I'm seriously going to become a regular car boot attendee. 
I bought these studs on Ebay for 99p (and FREE delivery!) from THIS SELLER.
They took a while to arrive as the were coming from China but it was SO worth the wait. I got 100 studs, so they only cost a penny each and I've still got plenty left over after customising both this blouse and a jumper.

Here's the finished blouse:

Looks pretty good I think!

I bought this chunky-knit jumper in Primark for just £8 and after seeing this studded Topshop one retailing for £42, I thought I might add a few studs to it and see how it turned out...
I think it looks pretty similar to the Topshop one and it saved me £34! I'll be living in this in winter.

I've also decided to put more effort into editing my photos. I don't know if you've noticed but I think they look a bit better.
What do you think of my DIY bits and pieces? Have you been customising anything with studs lately? I think it's a great way to breathe new life into clothing that you've stopped wearing.