Thursday, 2 August 2012

New Topshop Sale Items... CHAAARRRGGGEEE!!

Topshop have just added new items to their sale... which I can currently only lust over because of my current status as a pauper. But that doesn't stop me dreaming about what I would buy if I did have some cash.

Right now I really want this outfit in my life:

For an outfit that would have cost originally £222 to buy I think this is a major bargain as it's better than half price! The skirt is sooooooooooooooo beautiful and it's completely the staple piece in this whole outfit. I hope it's still in stock when I'm paid post-olympics.

Have you had any good sale bargains lately?


  1. really lovely outfit! that blazer is gorgeous xo

  2. Oo this outfit is gorgeous - especially love the blazer and the wedges, and I agree that maxi skirt is beautiful!

    Sam x

  3. Check out Koma Unwind:
    And of course me:

  4. Love those shoes! great blog :)