Monday, 13 August 2012

I have a serious case of post-olympic depression.

You may or may not have noticed that I have been relatively quiet over the last two weeks on the blogging front. This is due to the fact that I've been working at the Olympics as a programme seller and have hardly had a day free to even think about posting anything.

However, unfortunately, and it's time for me to come crashing back to earth after two of the most amazing weeks of my life.

It's not just the incredible sporting achievements and electric atmosphere that have made the Olympics brilliant though. Personally, it's done wonders for my state-of-mind and restored my faith in Great Britain. 

Over the last few years we've had so much negative press about our country. Our own media labelling us as 'Broken Britain' and with the riots and expenses/tax scandals of the powerful people in our country, I'd become a bit of a cynic, always assuming that people are out for themselves and that the only way to get by was to look out for yourself. I think that's an awful attitude for someone as young as I am to have but it's only come about as a result of the years of scandal, cheating and violence that's littered the press.

For a while I had completely forgotten that the vast majority of people are inherently good. The Olympics has changed that. In the two weeks that I have been working at the Olympics I've probably spoken to more people than I have in my entire life (easily in the thousands, probably closer to the tens of thousands!) and I haven't come across a single person with a bad attitude. In fact almost everyone greeted me, a stranger who was just there to sell them a programme or two, with a smile and wished me a good day, as I did them. 

It's been a privilege to play the smallest part in such a fantastic event and I hope that Britain can feed off the positivity that the Olympics has provided for some time. One thing is for sure, whenever I feel myself slipping back into my old, cynical ways I'm going to remember these two weeks. The weeks when I met the truly good-natured people of Britain and I'll remind myself that, actually, it's not all that bad at all.

Here's a selection of photos that I've taken over the past two weeks. (I took A LOT this really is a selection.)

I went with the fam to watch the swimming.

Park Live

The Velodrome

Day 8: Selling programmes at the Stadium

Action shot!

The Orbit

Waiting for the crowds to pile into the stadium.

Sunset at the Olympic Park.

I snuck in and watched a couple of races. Shhhhhhhh.

Perks of the job.

All lit up.

Hadleigh Farm. My home town.

Watching the race during my break.

This says it all.

I went all patriotic with my nail art. How could I not?
I'm going to leave you with a good BBC montage which sums up my feelings on the whole experience and then go and weep into my pillow because it's all over.

Did anyone else go to the Olympics? Did you just watch it on TV or did you not care at all? I'd love to know your views on it.


  1. awww what a lovely positive post :)

    1. Ha ha! Thank you, I actually feel more positive about the Olympics than I have about anything in a while! xx

  2. I was loving the Olympics when it was on and am also gutted it's now over. Your photos are amazing btw, so jealous you were down there among all the action!

    One of my former housemates was also working the Olympics, in the aquatics centre (she was one of the purple people walking the athletes to and from the podium. Got majorly excited seeing her on TV casually walking behind Tom Daley!

    Sam xx

    1. Hey Sam! I know I'm so depressed it's all over now, it's sad to think that I might not experience anything like that again :(
      As if your housemate was next to Tom Daley. He's hawwwwwwwwt! So jealous! The only person I saw was Billy from Eastenders. Pathetic! xxx

  3. Wow your so lucky! I have really enjoyed the Olympics and to be honest im also really sad they are over. Your photos are lovely, it seemed as if you had a realy good time and i reaally like your nails!

    1. Dawww thanks charlotte! It was an incredible experience and I won't ever forget it! Thanks for leaving your link, will check out your blog :) xx

  4. WOW cool pictures on the Olympics - looks like you had a fab time too. I am missing it soo much on the tv :( Great pictures, thanks for sharing :)