Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Competition Win: Inkwear Temporary Tattoos

Hello all!

I absolutely love small and discreet tattoos but I'm FAR too much of a wimp to actually get one myself. Not because of the pain, but because I change my opinion on things like tattoos every other day.

So I was super excited to find out that I'd won £20 worth of Inkwear Temporary Tattoos from Tara and Jade aka the gorgeous girlies at The Style Rawr.

I absolutely LOVE Inkwear's designs, I often think tattoos look tacky but their designs are subtle and dreamy. Raight oop ma street, as Cheryl Cole would say.

Please note: Address has been censored in an effort to stop you from finding and murdering me. I know you're all psychos.
I only emailed them my choices a couple of days ago so it was a pleasant surprise to find this on my door step this morning.
Congratulatory letter.
The designs wot I chose - they're absolutely gorgeous!
It's so hard to pick a favourite.
I think the top hummingbird might be my favourite though, the colouring is so beautiful.
Decided to try out the Dream Catcher first.
They're so quick and easy to apply, it literally took about 20 seconds. The black designs look really real in my opinion but I can't wait to try out a coloured one like the butterfly or the hummingbird. 

It's supposed to stay on for around 3-5 days, so I'll let you know if it succeeds in sticking around for that long. I'm also hoping to do an OOTD sometime this week or next weeks so I may well use a new one for that.

What do you think of temporary tattoos? Or permanent ones for that matter, have you got any yourself?


  1. Oh I would love to know how these turn out in a few days! I'd love to get tattoos but I think my parents may kill me...for a party I wore a fake tattoo sleeve and thought it really suited me so if these stick for a few days I may grab a few for myself!