Sunday, 8 July 2012

NOTD: Graduation theme!

Evenin' all!

Tomorrow is a big ol' day in the life of me, for tomorrow is the day that I graduate from University. And from that day I am no longer classified as a student but instead an unemployed graduate - WAHOO! Not.

Anyway, as with all universities, we have our signature colours for our mortar boards and do you know what mine are? It's that terrifically sexy colour combination of lime green and silvery grey. Great. 

Despite my massive collection of nail polish, I don't have lime green so I had to go out and buy one. So tomorrow, for the first (and probably last) time in my life, my nails will be lime green, silver and graduation themed. Here we are:

Good colours right? Like snot mixed with steel. In case you can't make it out, that's a mortar board and a scroll. On the little finger is a bow tie and some buttons because I didn't really know what else to put on it, to be quite honest.

In other news, here's a round up of other things I've been up to this week:

  • Feeling very sorry for myself as I've had a cold.
  • Collecting my pass and uniform for the Olympics - that was exciting! (Not actually being sarcastic this time - can't wait!)
  • Writing an article on swapping stuff for Save the Student. Here it is, in case you're interested:
  • Looking to see what jobs/internships are around in editorial... I haven't started applying yet but I'm already sick of it. I also attempted to blackmail Grace Dent into giving me an internship via the medium of Twitter. Didn't work.

    Next time you hear from me I shall be Helen Wilkinson BA Hons.


  1. Ahh how exciting, I'm graduating tomorrow too :) Terrified though! haha, good luck :) xxx

    1. Ahhh good luck! Here's hoping that neither of us faceplant it on the stairs on the way up. Slightly terrified! xxxx