Sunday, 3 June 2012


It seems that someone has acquired my old blogspot link (Fashion felines) and is copying my posts and publishing others about tattoos.

I think these posts may be appearing on the dashboard of followers of my old blog as they are coming up on my dashboard. My advice here is DO NOT CLICK on any posts that come up under the name 'fashion-felines'. I'm not sure whether they're just trying to sell something or the links are dangerous.

I'm going to try and contact blogger and see whether they can sort this out. I really don't know why or how this has happened.

Apologies for any confusion.


  1. I did wonder why there was suddenly a whole load of posts about tattoos!

    1. So sorry about that - I'm absolutely mortified by it! I feel so annoyed that a glitch in the blogger system can allow this to happen. I simply changed my URL and this happens! Wouldn't have bothered if I'd known.

      I tried contacting blogger about it but they haven't responded. If it's bothering you a lot I'd recommend unfollowing Fashion Felines then trying to refollow at the new address (

      So sorry, again.