Friday, 18 May 2012

Welcome to Helen Hearts!

Allow me to reintroduce myself - I'm Helen! 

Remember me? In 2009 I started my blog 'Fashion Felines' and loved it, however, that was also the year I started university and as a result my priorities changed dramatically - I got caught up with the whole being a student thing and essays started to pile up and, in all honestly, I became rather lazy with updating, 
Anyway, 3 years and 1 degree later, here I am again. And it feels so damn marvy to be back!  It may have been a while ago, but I've learned a few things from writing 'Fashion Felines':

1. I enjoy changing the layout of my blog.
2. I find myself lacking blogspiration more often than I would like to.

To counteract these problems, I'm back with a whole new blog! Ladies and Jellybeans, welcome to:

I've decided that I want to make my blog a little different, so 'Helen Hearts' is a lifestyle blog, incorporating fashion, beauty, music and whatever the hell else I fancy rambling on about. But it's also going to be a concept blog. 

Here's the idea: Each month I'll have a theme running through my blog posts, it'll be a theme that I find inspiring, and a theme that I 'Heart' - it could be anything from the latest trend, a person or a place. For that month my blog posts will incorporate the theme in some form - although that's not to say that I won't just post some random things too, but I will attempt to make at least one post a week based around the theme.

Why have I chosen to do this? Well as I said, in the past I have found myself lacking inspiration on what to post about, I think this monthly theme will give me something to focus on and really get to grips with. I also enjoy changing my layout - a lot! The opportunity to change it along with the theme each month is something that really appeals to me.  

But most importantly, I wanted to give you something a bit different to read. There are so many fashion and beauty blogs nowadays all talking about the same thing in the same way. Yet all the blogs I truly love have something that makes them unique, I want this to be a unique blog that, hopefully, you might love!

In any case, that's the idea and I hope you like it. Can't wait to get started! 

Lots of love...


  1. amazing blog :)
    I love it!

  2. love the blog dear :D

    newest follower !!

    xox Effy