Friday, 25 May 2012

Five of the Best: Flatforms

Me and stiletto heels do not mix. If ever I go out in them you can guarantee by the end of the night I'll be walking home bare foot, holding my heels and looking like a tramp. So I'm far too excited that flatforms are in! No more unnecessary pain and no more having to feel like a fool if I opt to wear flats out. Hooray!

Anyway, ASOS currently have the most incredible range of flatforms available and here are my favourites:

My favourite pairs have to be numbers 1 and 4. I love the colour of the KG ones but the daisy detail on the ASOS pair is amazing! I actually first saw this pair when I was doing some blog browsing and came across Fern's Blog - check out how good they look on her. So incredible!

What's your opinion on flatforms? I think it's probably a love it or hate it kind of trend. I definitely love it!

Lots of love,


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