Monday, 21 May 2012

Dress Desire ♥

My last University Summer ball is coming up (sob!) and so I've been doing some browsing around to see what dresses are out there. It's not too formal an occasion - more of a mini festival in a tent so I'm thinking casual might be the way to go. Here's a few ideas I got whilst browsing the web today:

1. Isabel Marant Floral Dress (Farfetch) 2. Poppy Skater Dress (Topshop) 3. Floral Prom Dress (Lipsy)
 1. If I could be summed up in a dress it'd be this! It's by Isabel Marant. I love gorgeous pattern which makes it really individual and the floaty silk material just completes it. I'm a bit of a boho girl at heart so this really appeals to me, at £449 though it won't be in my wardrobe any time soon! 

2. This is a more realistic prospect, it has a similar festival/folky pattern as the first and is also made of silk. This is by Boutique at Topshop and costs £68.

3. This one's the cheapest of the lot - £38 from Lipsy. I really like the 50's cut of this dress but I'm not sure whether it's as 'me' as the other two dresses. 

Whilst looking on the Topshop website for dresses, I also came across a collection that I completely fell in love with. This is called Coco's Fortune (I even love the name!) The whole collection is incredible (Click here to check out the whole lot) but these pieces really stood out to me:

I really like the vintagey feel to these pieces which has clearly been inspired by pretty lingerie and lace.  Ranging from £36 - £59 the whole collection is really reasonably priced!

So those are some ideas for my summer ball dress. I'm off to Westfield next week to have a good shop around. Can't wait to go to Forever 21 - I could spend hours in there!

Lots of love,


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